Powerful Social Media– My thoughts on Weibo Promotion

ImageYesterday, one of my friend found 0.5 RMB in his car and told us “seriously” that this precious 0.5 RMB is his wage for posting a good-word on Chinese twitter- Weibo- for our Party. Seeing ours confused faces, he added, ” Don’t you know the story of 0.5 RMB group whose job is post positive word for our Party and their wage is counted by 0.5 RMB per post? ” Sure it is just a joking.  “0.5 RMB worth nothing now, while it was a huge amount in my parents generation.” I responded and didn’t realized my point is support-less, since social media didn’t occupy our daily life until my middle school life started, year of 2000. I have already treated them a much longer history than they actually are.

Social median definitely change the way of life, especially friends relationship. We don’t need to contact with friends closely by hanging out together frequently, however I would know every places they went if I check their blog, Facebook or Twitter. I don’t need to worry about to contact a long-lost friends in a stranger way, since I could maintain the relationship by participating their life easily by clicking “Like” or make some nice comments on their photos even we didn’t have any true communication in 5 years.

Same thing applies to do the business. We can easily build relationship with friends’ friends who would be the a critical person in our next career or business deal. We are “pushed” to buy products friends say good words on their space.  Even we deny, the comparing psychology contribute to success of social media promotion — low-paid in high-gain.  Here is a good article about China Social Median Marketing, if you are interested in learning more.

Here I would focus on talking about my true experience of the promotion on Chinese Twitter- Weibo, I simply category them into three ways:

Changing from in-group favoritism to kind of responsibility: If one of your friends is doing business, it is really hard to say no when they ask you to retwitter their latest product information. At the beginning, you would be pleasant to help them since it add credits to your relationship with them. While in the long-term, such behavior definitely transfers your twitter or blog to a low quality area people would never interested in, since there is nothing but advertisements. Even we are reluctant to do so, when they @ you, it seems you have no choice. Social median bring us to much convenience at the same time let us easily fall into the friends relations trap too. Regardless your willingness, you do help them products promotion.

Two of my friends are doing the overseas purchasing. I almost blocked their twitter now. Obviously, their social media promotion strategy was totally a failure. I heard more than 10 friends complain about their bombing ads posts. Instead of making full use of their friend’s resource to boom their business, they pay the expense of losing friends.

While, another of my friend is wisely dealing her business with friends relationship. First, She opened another Twitter account when she started her own donuts business. Most important, she make her donuts twitter vivid that everyone is glad to read. She post adorable donuts picture with inspiring morning words everyday and the latest products information with early discount and attractive story behind each donut’s favor. She never said “ retwitter to your friends, then your would get discount”, while people who follow her twitter are always automatically retwitter, since they want to get close with their friends by sharing good deals.

The second way is lottery social media promotion: There is always no free lunch in the world. While “ By easily retwitter this post, you would won the award of free flight to Hawaii” Everyone would familiar with this kind of promotion. The fact is it really works. No matter from10 dollar gift card, Ipad, or limited edition handbag, there is always large group of people willing to indirectly help business do the promotion. The potential gain is huge while it seem cost you nothing, why not?


Dealmoon, is definitely the most successful promotion business that every student who is studying in North American is familiar with.

I never follow them, while they are always there! —- Unavoidable, there is always some advertisement information on your list, even though you never follow them. Where do they come from? What’s more, I remembered once I post a twitter complaining about gaining weight during the winter, the next day I was @ in a twitter that promoted a lose-weight product. How could the promotion team find me, I totally succumb to the power of business promotion on social media.

How would they fail to grab people’s attention? Even though there is no official report of how Weibo gain in Ads revenue, compared with Twitter- the report on the Forbes, Twitter to hit nearly $ 1 billion in Ad revenues next year, we could foresee the prosperous in Chinese social media market.



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